Work at Home Moms – Finding Balance & Fulfillment

Balance is the golden standard we strive to achieve as Moms build their business, working from home. We have to learn to apply measures to keep the balance beam level between our responsibilities to our home and family and our responsibilities to our business. It takes planning and strategy to discover the balance. It takes skill to maintain that balance. Finding this stability brings peace and fulfillment. Let’s explore how to achieve the balance between the opportunity of working from home alongside being an inspirational and effective parent. Stability: These 7 steps will be your greatest asset to a life of stability and balance while you work at home.

Know what you want to accomplish in each ‘department’ of your life. Your life as a Mom working from home has significant responsibilities in each of the key areas that make up your life. Determine your key areas. They might be: raising a family, being a loving spouse, keeping your household in good condition and building a thriving business. What are your goals for each area?
Know how you will accomplish those goals. An action plan for each key area of your life will maintain your sanity!
Create action steps. Once you have that plan established you need to create a detailed list of the action steps it will take to fulfill those plans.
Schedule your priorities into each day. Each day, make sure to include something on your ‘to do’ list from your action steps. As you work steadily on the action steps you will improve each area of your life.
Don’t expect perfection. Instead determine to do a little bit in each area every day. Focus more time on the area of greatest need at this moment.
Refresh yourself. Find time to continually refocus on what’s important to you. Take time to have “thinking time”.
Include your family in your business.The greatest return for your time is investing teaching time into your children so they can learn to work alongside you in your business. You gain valuable ’employees’ and they gain the greatest form of education available – being tutored in a profitable business for their future.